100 Club

100 Club is certainly the grand master of venues in London. Originally opened in 1942 as a restaurant called ‘Macks’, the clubs occasional jazz sessions quickly caught on and 100 Club blossomed into one of the capitals most iconic and revered music spaces.

While the venue is synonymous with jazz and punk, it also has deep roots with both blues and soul music hosting frequent gigs from classic soul artists.

One notable regular event there is the highly regarded ‘6T’s Northern Soul All-Nighter’. This epic 7 hour soul-danceathon is the worlds longest running Northern soul all nighter with the event itself dating back to 1979.

At 6T’s you can expect nothing less than the rarest grooves in their original formats. Dancers seemingly defy gravity with their unique style of movement…straight from the halls of the Wigan casino.

And the space itself it part venue and almost part museum with its unchanged 1970 fa├žade and photos of the likes of Jimi Hendrix and Louie Armstrong hanging from the walls.

The 100 Club really is a must-visit for anyone keen to discover London’s music history and always has a wide range of music to suit all tastes. For the latest line ups and events, head to their website which you can find by clicking here