It was common for songs from the Motown era to be recorded by numerous artists before becoming a hit. Songwriting teams would work night and day putting together new material and more often than not, it took a while to match the perfect song to the perfect singer.

‘Take Me n Your Arms (Rock me a little while)’ was certainly no exception…though by the standards of the day, being recorded by just 3 acts was actually quite a low turnover……though unlike many songs from the era, the first two releases were both rather successful.


Originally put to record by Eddie Holland in 1964, the song lay unreleased until it was picked up by singer Kim Weston in 1965. With its classic Motor city production style it was a huge hit and reached number 4 in the US billboard chart.

Here at London Soul though…..our heart belongs to the Isley Brothers remake. Released in 1968 the track is a tighter, punchier affair with a wonderfully long, percussion driven intro that explodes into a full blooded roller-coaster of soul. Gone is the open sound of the original to be replaced with the driest of beats and gospel-tinged synths

Pop on a pair of good head phones, crank the volume up and enjoy 2.30 of pure soul.


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